Free Baseball Handicapping At The Sportsbook

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There are some key differences between betting on baseball and other sports. It doesn’t make it more difficult, just different. Once you understand the basic concepts it can still take some time to properly apply them and become profitable. Getting the most from your risk is much easier with a little free baseball handicapping.

The first difference is the use of a money line. This is expressed in a positive or negative value. The smaller number indicates the favorite and the larger number the underdog.

Choosing the favorite logically brings less winnings for the money risked and the underdog more money. The line expresses how much money you can expect to get with a $100 wager. A negative number indicates the amount necessary to win $100, and a positive number how much will be won with a $100 bet. For example a -160 means you must bet $160 to win $100.

This number is based entirely on the opening pitchers. If the line up changes then the lines may change as well. To avoid betting on a game you weren’t prepared for the wager can be conditional on any combination of pitcher changes. You may keep your bet active if either pitcher remains, only if both pitchers remain or no matter who ends up pitching.

The way the house makes their money is when you take the underdog to win. This means it’s in their best interest to make it an attractive option with better odds. Because they determine the underdog based only on pitchers you have a distinct advantage when you consider the team and match up as a whole.

Determining where to place your money isn’t just about understanding the numbers. It also involves poring over statistics and sports news in order to keep up on who may be doing better than their numbers suggest. Knowing who might be getting sick or who tends to choke in high stress games is very important. Getting some help handicapping your bets means more wins and less time watching Sports Center.

If you’re searching for top notch baseball analysis then pay a visit to The Baseball Handicapper. The site presents reliable game info, help with managing your money and other advice for picking the winning team. Their past performance is readily available online so you can check success rates. It also has weekly, monthly and season-long subscription packages to suit your individual needs.

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