Fun for Everyone in the Casino

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No matter what type of character you are, the casino has something to offer you. Don’t believe us? Check out these games and why you can have fun with them.

Craps for Noisy People

Looking for action? Look no farther than the craps table. Craps is great for crazy folks who enjoy throwing, elbowing and yelling all around the table. Seriously, craps is the only game in the casino where you can bet on your fellow players. You win if they win. There’s no better game to make friends with. It is also damned fun and easy to play. Throw the dice (or let others do so) and bet on the area that says “pass line.”

Roulette for the French

If the noise at the craps table isn’t for you, you might like roulette. This is a relaxing game that won’t have you sweating or shouting along with other players. For those who think a quiet game would be more fun, roulette makes a lovely choice. Watch the ball spin on the wheel, keep track of winning numbers and place your bets on the betting board. It’s an elegant numbers game.

Blackjack for Strategists

For gamblers who think they have what it takes to beat the casino, blackjack is the game of choice. This card game is deliciously vulnerable to attack by advantage gamblers. You can use strategy cards, count cards and track shuffles to gain a positive expectation. If you want to play cat n’ mouse against the house, play blackjack. There are plenty of resources for would-be advantage gamblers in this game. It’s not as “fun” as other, easier games, but this one can make you money.

Slots for Dummies

Slot players aren’t as stupid as is generally believed. But slots are so straightforward that all except the brain-dead can play them. On a vacation in Vegas with nothing better to do? Have fun at the slot machines. Time will fly so fast you won’t believe it.

Baccarat for VIPs

Are you rich? Don’t want to stoop low to play the games of commoners? Then do what James Bond has done: play baccarat! Don’t play with taxpayers’ money like he does though. Seriously, big baccarat is a relaxing, classy game played in curtained VIP rooms in casinos. Dress well and show your willingness to wager a million dollars in one sitting. The casinos will comp you so much you’d think you died and went to heaven!

Keno for Lottery Lovers

Think it’s fun to play lotto but get impatient waiting for next week’s draw? You can play the casino version – keno. Keno draws take only minutes. You can become the next jackpot winner with just a $1 bet! Keno is a quiet game like roulette but like slots gives you a shot at some serious money.

Poker for Pros

Poker is in a class of its own. We mean table poker such as Texas Holdem, Seven Card Stud and Razz. Professional gamblers love poker because it has no house advantage. Unlike other games which pit you against the casino and put you at a disadvantage from the start, in poker you only have other human players to worry about. If you are better than them, you will win.

There all kinds of fun games in the casino. Take your pick and enjoy: blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, slot machines and keno. We have them all! Play online now!

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