Gambling Myths Questions and Answers

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Gamblers are full of misconceptions and wrong notions about gaming and the casino. We attempt to dispel such gambling casinos myths in this page. Hopefully you will find this enlightening. Happy gambling!

Gambling Myth – Hitting the Royal Flush

I made my first royal flush in video poker. Unfortunately, I did not have the maximum number of coins inserted, so I did not win the jackpot. Do video poker machines intentionally let you hit a royal flush when you don’t bet max?

No. A video poker machine – or even a slot machine for that matter – does not operate in this way. In fact, the part of the machine that “decides” what hand appears in each spin is quite independent of the slot that receives money.

If you had inserted the maximum five coins which would have made you eligible for the jackpot, you would have hit the royal flush still. But only if you had clicked the spin button at the exact same moment as when you did with the bet you’d made with lesser coins. This is because a video poker machine has a computer chip in it that never stops creating hands. Once you hit spin, the current hand at that moment is the hand you are dealt.

Gambling Myth – Spotting Trends

If the color red has won for several consecutive spins, shouldn’t I bet on the black since the chances are higher it will appear next?

It may surprise you, but no. Even if the red won for 50 straight spins, the odds of one color appearing versus the other in the next spin will still be 50/50. Previous results have absolutely no bearing on the present or following ones. The roulette wheel does not have a memory; it cannot remember previous spins. Nor can a slot machine, a pair of craps dice, a silver coin and so on.

So if this happens next time you play roulette, just remember that wagering on one color is as good as betting on the other.

Gambling Myth – Hitting the Jackpot

I was playing with a slot machine for hours. After I left, the person who took over immediately won the jackpot. If I had stayed longer, would I have won?

Only if you had hit the spin button at the very same moment that they did – which is unlikely. A slot machine makes millions of spins you don’t see every minute. A jackpot actually happens quite regularly; it’s just rare that someone chances on them at the precise millisecond they are generated. See above question about video poker.

Gambling Myth – Casino Cheating

I’ve lost in so many times. I think the casino is cheating me.

Probably not. If you lose a lot, it is most likely because the odds are against you (as they always are in casinos), or else you are playing badly (in a game of skill). Casinos do not need to rig or fix the games. The way the game rules set and the way gaming machines are configured, you are bound to lose without being cheated.

For example, casinos almost never pay bets at true odds. When your bet wins, you are nearly always paid less than what the risk was really worth. The risk of course, is the odds against your bet winning. In the long run, therefore, getting paid “short” will cause you to lose money to the house.

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