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If you’re finding great difficulty in learning how to play poker, why not try another version of this game that’s making most of the online casino games more exciting for all gamers on the Internet.

What are we referring to? Well, it’s none other than the video poker slots that are now a main feature on the Internet halls.

Yes, poker slot machines are now available online, and this game continues to give so much satisfaction for the gamers who would like to have a poker game and also enjoy the thrill of playing the slot machines. Since poker is given as a slot machine variant, it gets easier to play for most beginners, and still gives the pros the chance to think of how to get around the odds and bag the prize.

Mentally satisfying, you still need to learn how to play with the rules of the game so you can increase your chances of winning just like the pros.

How to do that? Here are a few tips:

* The rules are similar to draw poker. So, if you are quite familiar with that version of the game, you won’t have a hard time to play this video version online. The only difference is that you don’t have to beat or play with a number of players around. All you have to deal with is the slot machine.

* You can choose to have five cards. With this game, you would see that the slot machine will be dealing around five cards on its screen. As a player, you can choose to take all these cards to play with or not. To do this, you have to hit a button with the word “hold” as you see that a particular card is shown to you.

* Deal when you feel ready to play with the odds. Press the “deal” button if and only if you are already satisfied with the number of cards you hold. After you deal, the cards that you placed the bets on will be replaced with other cards that the machine will show you.

* Your winnings will be shown on the screen. After the final hand, and if you were able to win the game, you will know how much you’ve won on the screen where the pay table is shown.

To learn online casino games such as this simple video poker slots game can bring on the fun if you try your hand in it. Since it’s so much simpler to learn than actually playing the game of poker individually, we would highly recommend that you try playing this slot machine to learn more in the process.

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